At AI MAXTools, we bring added value to your organization and your investment in your CAD tools.  See what past and present customers have to say:

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Your tools have been a very welcome part of my work life for the past 14 years. I almost feel like I'm cheating when I use AI MAX Share!"

- Calvin K., Mechanical Engineer 

"I find the Drawlist (AI MAX View HQ) functions to be the most useful and time saving for me. The feature-sharing function is handy too."

- A.B., Mechanical Engineer 

"I don't know what I would do without these tools. My favorites are AI MAX Share and AI MultiRename. I also just found AI MAX Workplane including adding clip plane on axis. Sometimes the standard tools make things painful -- I'm glad AI MAXTools functions are around to help. GREAT TOOLS, love them!"

- C.K., Mechanical Engineer 


"Your add-ins for CoCreate Modeling are productivity enhancers – but are very easy to learn and use.  Also, your responsiveness to customer inputs demonstrates a strong commitment to making great products even better."

- G.M., Senior Mechanical Engineer

"I like the AI tools a lot.  They just simply make sense and really speed up my designs.  If I am ever on a system without them my productivity goes way down.  They spoil me!"

- C.M., Design Engineer

"We have multiple machine shops that all need different formats to import our designs. This tool [AI Export] relieves us of the chore of saving each part out individually in multiple formats. We just pick the top level assembly, and click Save Files and this great utility does the rest. All we have to do is drop the zip files in our ftp site and tell the shops where to pick them up. It is so convenient that I even use it to export one part when that’s all I need."

- G.M., Design Engineer/Manager

"One of my favorite tools is AI-RENAME: for renaming bodies, model names, viewsets, etc; I normally don't put part numbers in the system until I'm ready to release for fab on the parts. This module saves hours in changing from temp name to release level name and part numbers."

- E.S., Design Engineer

"Your tools get right to the heart of the design/detail issues at hand and allow the designer to focus on design solutions rather than multiple menu selection. It also needs to be said that you continue to innovate and refine, which is critical in our engineering environment."

- W.S., Product Designer

"I estimate that the 3D tools have provided about a 15% increase in productivity on CoCreate Modeling. In addition to significant time savings it makes the process much more enjoyable and easier to create drawings without being interrupted."

- D.T., Design Engineer

"Your enhancements to our ME tools have made VERY big improvements in our productivity..."

- R.K., Design Engineer